Kamagra Jelly

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Kamagra- is a drug which made to increase male potency.
The efficacy Kamagra is similar to the original Viagra, the active ingredient – sildenafil. Kamagra Jelly takes effect within 15-20 minutes, as it absorbed into the blood much faster. The admission is not depends on the intake of alcohol and food, as absorbed in the mouth. It has a pleasant fruity aromas, which can serve as an additional incentive for the partner. Pharmacists of the company Ajanta Pharma made this form of Kamagra to improve the well-known drug Kamagra and the drug was released in the market with a new form – form of fruit gel. Kamagra Oral Jelly is absorbed much faster than the pill and takes effect in 20 minutes.


  • Kamagra Oral Jelly has an active ingredient – 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate. This active substance is the main tool which restores male potency. It helps to relax the muscles, causes increased blood flow and leads to penile erection. It is important to note that an erection does not occur by itself, but comes at the time of sexual arousal.


  • It is convenient to administrate, you don’t have to drink water with it or wait for resorption as with tablets Kamagra. You can take it any time. With the same advantageous properties as conventional tablets, kamagra gel (Kamagra Oral Jelly) absorbed through the mouth and begins to act much faster .This form has many different pleasant fruit flavors.


  • Dosage of Kamagra gel (Kamagra Oral Jelly 100 mg) is same as kamagra tablet 100 mg. It is recommended to take the drug only 1 time a day, because active components remain in the body for 24 hours, so frequent use may lead to an overdose. As a rule, kamagra gel (Kamagra Oral Jelly) is very well tolerated, so there is no need to change the dosage. The dose of Viagra Gel can be changed only in rare cases, with individual characteristics of males.


  • Before using Kamagra gel it is recommended to visit a specialist who has the right to prescribe the appropriate treatment with this drug. Using Kamagra gel is prohibited when an allergic reaction to sildenafil citrate, or in the case of deformation of the penis. Some drugs are not compatible with kamagra gel, for example, you do not need to mix it with nitrates, because it may lead to side effects.

Do not take Kamagra gel with any other disease, except for erectile dysfunction. You may need a dose adjustment or discontinuation of treatment, if you have:

  • problems with the heart and blood vessels
  • kidney failure
  • liver failure
  • glaucoma or any other serious illness

Side effects:

Potential side effects of using Kamagra gel (Kamagra Oral Jelly) slightly manifested usually pass fairly quickly. Side effects are not dangerous to the male body, but you may feel:

  • dizziness
  • indigestion
  • back pain
  • penile pain
  • nausea
  • redness of the face

As soon as you notice these side effects – be sure to consult your doctor so that he can change your course of treatment.

Additional information:

Company Ajanta Pharma Ltd. offers you another new product with an almost immediate effect. This kamagra drug is soluble in water, it comes in the form of instant effervescent tablets. There are several flavors of gel Kamagra: orange, banana, vanilla and pineapple.

In the “reviews” section you can find reviews of men who already experienced Kamagra drug. The last comment received on 10/10/2015: “Michael, 46 y.o. Jelly is the best form of Kamagra. You don’t need to swallow the pills. It’s the best for me as I have pills. You can even put the gel on a piece of bread and eat it with your morning tea:) The effect is very close to the action of viagra. Great remedy!”